"In my 32 years in dentistry I don't when I've been more excited. Not only do I have the best dental team to work with - I've got the best consultant who lately has been coming up with phenomenal ideas. Yes Laura that's you. I listened to one of your tapes on hiring the right team - and that young girl that didn't know what she was going to did turn out to be you - WOW - what a great story!"
Lindsay Eastman, DDS, Bradenton, FL
"I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on Dentaltown.com with Laura Jamison as our featured presenter. Laura has a deep understanding of the numbers that matter in a dental practice and she presents this material in an easy to understand format. I would expect Laura to provide your practice with great insight to improve the health of your business."
Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine
"Thank you for your presentation last night. As usual you provided great suggestions. Anna Maria and I walked away with a new plan to implement (Report Cards!). I always enjoy your presentations and speak highly of you to my colleagues when the opportunity presents itself. Congratulations to your son also!"
Nicole T. Gordon, DMD, Palm Harbor, FL"Laura Jamison brought her knowledge, experience and her charming self to the Dutchess County Dental Society for her all day seminar called "It's Say This... Not That!" and it was a great day. Laura is not only a terrific motivating speaker with great practical ideas, she is fun!

The day went swiftly and the feedback from our members was excellent. Laura is the real deal! We really enjoyed our day with you, Laura. Many of our members and guests commented on changes they have made based on what they learned from you."
Dr. Steve Ross Dutchess County Dental Society, New York

"I finally have time to thank you for mentioning my practice and cone beam Wednesday night! I thought you did a great job with your presentation!

Thought you might like to know that February, the shortest month was our best month ever! Last year was also our best year ever. Thank you for your help in reaching that level.

We have been doing great! We have beaten our all time best production 3 times already this year and almost 4 times. Thanks for your help! ."
Randall T.Hedrick, DDS, PLC St Petersburg, FL

" As a practice management consultant, Laura Jamison truly stands out as one of the most effective speakers. On January 22, 2009, Laura hosted an online seminar to an audience of 250 dentists. While not having the benefit of seeing her audience, Laura managed to engage the audience and keep attendees interested. Stylistically, Laura’s presentation is smooth, clear and fluid. Her practice management expertise is spot-on, and her insights invaluable. I would recommend Laura Jamison to any dentist who wishes to improve their practice function; and implement processes, strategies and techniques that will ultimately increase their bottom line.”
Ahmed Shams, Dentaltown Magazine

"Laura has a wonderful ability to connect with her audience. She presented a large amount of information and was able to handle all the questions with grace and confidence. Her knowledge of practice management is impressive - you can tell that she is an expert in the business of dentistry. On a personal note, I find Laura to be one of the warmest people I've ever met. I enjoy her company very much and highly recommend her as both a business colleague and a friend."
Teresa Duncan, Odyssey Management Inc.

"I'm sure you're aware of how economic uncertainty has affected dentists' productivity in the last weeks. You should share in the pride [and amazement] I have for my team here. Our schedule has been blasted full of holes, I've never seen anything like this. BUT we have actually hit goal 3 of the last 14 days. I think that's impressive, since each morning at the huddle we're usually dealing with several gaping holes, last minute "postponements," and production booked of only around 3000-3200... and goal is much higher. We're bringing patients directly out of hygiene, using the Cerec to repair teeth the same day as diagnosed, and bringing in patients with outstanding treatment - I'm amazed how the schedule is filled at the very last minute. And new patients continue to come in and accept treatment.

"I wanted to be well positioned when the space program folds in 2010, but our downturn came 2 years early! We have the systems in place and the team are each playing their part, thanks to your experienced guidance. Largely because of this, I feel secure and much less stressed. What a difference over the way I felt in 2005."
Rick Waggener, Merritt Island

"On behalf of the West Coast District Dental Association's officers, membership and staff, thank you for your commitment in helping our members grow in their professional and practice lives. We truly appreciate the seminar series you present, Entrepreneurial Approach to Dentistry in Today's Economy. The association values you and your dedication to dentistry."

Leo R. Cullinan, DDS, MS, President, WCDDA

" After several seminars with Jamison Consulting, I keep learning new ideas and am recharged with enthusiasm to keep my hygiene practice exciting and fulfilling. The exercises are fun."
Mary Mooney, R.D.H., Tampa, FL

" The fact that you think I am worth investing in really means a lot to me. Not to mention the generous gesture of taking it upon yourself to dress me the part leaves me humbly dumbfounded. Thank you Laura. Thanks for your inspiration."
Office Manager Orlando, Florida

" Many years ago, while you were with the Pride Institute, I was involved with the regional management program from about 1988 to 1991. As one of the trainers, you changed my life! I do not know if you remember me, but I do not know if I ever had the opportunity to say thanks. 18 or 19 years later, so many of the lessons learned are still with me."
Dr. Jeff Cooper, Rehoboth Beach, DE

"I have worked in a practice where all of the methods taught were used and it was great!"
Yvonne LoVario, C.D.A. Clearwater, FL

"I learned how to make patients want our services."
Marcia Martinez, D.M.D. Orlando, FL

" Great speakers, very informative."
Mathew W. Allen, IV, D.D.S., Ft. Myers, FL

"I enjoyed your seminar. It was well done."
Linda Johnson, D.D.S. Palm Harbor, FL

"I found that the system works and can be implemented in any office."
Debbie Gunden, C.D.A Naples, FL

"I wish that the whole team had come."
Fotini Vasquez, R.D.H. Clearwater, FL

" We got a laundry list of productive implementation ideas."
Ray Ortiz, D.M.D. Palm Harbor, FL