Are you our perfect client? We hope so. We thought we'd write down what we look for in a client and share that with you.

"Our clients are successful dentists in private practice, however, up to this point they'll have gotten most of their business by word of mouth and they can't seem to get past a certain income threshold. They want to grow their business substantially in the next one to two years by adding effective marketing, systems and verbal skills to their set of skills."

That's a big part of what we do....offer our clients the opportunity to expand their business by using effective web marketing techniques and management systems.

If this describes your business, then let's talk today at 813.240.4172

Practice Analysis

The practice analysis is the first step in introducing the consultant to the dental team. It is an on site day of consulting facilitated by the consultant to learn about the practice with regard to but not limited to; systems, facility design and patient flow, marketing activities, teamwork and each team members' strengths and weaknesses, the new patient experience, case presentation skills and analysis of the practice numbers. This may be one or two days in length. The outcome is a prioritized plan for one year addressing the doctor's main concerns followed by an in depth report of findings and recommendations.

Results Oriented Training Topics
  • Setting revenue goals and a bonus system
  • Appointment control and time management
  • New patient experience and case presentation skills
  • Financial options, billing and collection procedure
  • Patient retention and Contemporary Hygiene Therapy
  • Specializing your general practice
  • Marketing
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Team building
  • Verbal skills
  • Adding an associate
  • Moving to a new facility
  • Attitudes in the workplace
  • Dropping PPO's and going insurance free

  • Each session presented by Laura Jamison of Jamison Consulting is a six hour long program.

    Image and Professional Basics

    The world has changed. So has the way we communicate. In today’s competitive professional market your rival may have an edge by simply appearing more confident than you do. You may be the very best dentist, or hygienist or office manager on the block but those who fail to adapt will be left behind. Know what to do to gain the advantage with regard to appearance, attire and business basics.

    This consultation explores but is not limited to:

  • First impressions
  • What message are you sending?
  • What would you like to be saying?
  • Style consultation
  • Color guidance
  • Lifestyle consideration
  • Team look
  • Signature style
  • Professionalism basics

  • Testimonials

    "In my 32 years in dentistry I don't when I've been more excited. Not only do I have the best dental team to work with - I've got the best consultant who lately has been coming up with phenomenal ideas. Yes Laura that's you. I listened to one of your tapes on hiring the right team - and that young girl that didn't know what she was going to did turn out to be you - WOW - what a great story!"
    Lindsay Eastman, DDS, Bradenton, FL

    "I can't thank you enough for coming and sharing your expertise with us yesterday. Jody was right in encouraging me to get you involved in helping our office move forward. She has already started on her tasks and I may have a great idea already for a logo. Even though we talked about so many items yesterday, the excitement and the commitment from everyone make me think that we will accomplish them and more and quicker than I thought possible. Thanks for the morning huddle info. We will begin huddles tomorrow. I will talk with you soon. Thank you again, I believe this will be fun as we progress ahead."
    James H. Cottle, D.D.S. Columbus, Ohio"

    "Laura has a wonderful ability to connect with her audience. She presented a large amount of information and was able to handle all the questions with grace and confidence. Her knowledge of practice management is impressive - you can tell that she is an expert in the business of dentistry. On a personal note, I find Laura to be one of the warmest people I've ever met. I enjoy her company very much and highly recommend her as both a business colleague and a friend."
    Teresa Duncan, Odyssey Management Inc.

    "Laura Jamison involves the whole team in the consulting process. When you have the whole team behind you and everyone is one the same page, implementing new systems is a breeze."
    Jasin Youmans, D.M.D. Naples, FL

    "Jamison Consulting has helped our practice develop a solid foundation for the importance of systems in a dental practice. These systems have facilitated great team cohesiveness, higher production and more profitability. I would recommend Jamison Consulting for amore gratifying practice of dentistry."
    Mark Obman, D.M.D. March 31, 2005

    "Just wanted to thank you for guiding our office over the past two years and laying the foundation for long term growth. I personally gained a lot of insight into "business" needs and management and incorporated several ideas and philosophies in my personal life. I enjoyed your expertise. Thank you."
    Debbie Wolf, R.D.H. Sebring, FL

    "I'm so glad you called. Over the years I have done a lot of programs and had a few other consultants, but your influence in my practice continues to have a major impact to this day. You really woke me up to what proper practice management can bring to the team. I still remember you asking me "Who's running your practice? ... because it certainly isn't you." I'm sure your actual words were more delicate, but that was the message I got and I certainly needed to hear it at the time."
    Jay A. Nelson, D.M.D.

    Laura - You helped our office to get back on track and you were very helpful. The good news is that you gave us a lot of material to implement. One thing I have seen in many offices over the years is that its not just people not having a game plan, but the hidden issues that no one wants to talk about. Laura, you are doing a great job, so continue following your heart and God will give you wisdom and guide you in all you do.

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    Laura Jamison

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    "As a practice management speaker, Laura Jamison truly stands out as one of the most effective speakers...." Ahmed Shams,
    Dentaltown magazine

    "Thank you again for your visit. You continue to be such a positive force in my life. You always leave me with such hope. You are a gift...."

    Joani Cohen,
    For Dr. Joseph Cohen and team,
    Collingswood, NJ


    "Laura has a deep understanding of the numbers. I would expect her to provide your practice with great insight to improve the health of your business...."

    Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD
    Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine

    "Great Course! I really got an abundance of information from it...."

    Mark L. Obman, D.D.S., Clearwater, FL

    "WOW! GEEZ! You're the bees knees. Great job!..."

    david PHILOFSKY &
    Lindy Conner,
    soutwest study club

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