Aug 20

Social Media for Dentistry and How to Use It

The three primary social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) remain the most used websites/apps on the Internet. Many people obsessively check their feeds. Giving your small business a piece of “real estate” on those feeds is essential to marketing.

In the small business world, regional advertising is key. That being said, many people “like” and “share” items of interest which are then seen by their “local” friends. These “likes” become a sort of endorsement that is seen by others who are likely to engage your business. In the world of dentistry, friends and family often refer each other to offices they’ve had good experiences with.

Social media streamlines the process, and creates a sense of promotion from existing patients, who offer a “stamp of approval” to those seeking out a quality dental practice. It’s a strategy that is measurable and pays off.

“The incredible power of social networking stems from the fact that each of your followers and fans has his or her own followers and fans. In other words, if just one of your followers on Twitter shares one interesting tweet on dentistry that you posted online, it will automatically reach 100 followers, assuming an average active Twitter user has 100 followers. Out of those 100 followers, if one other follower re-tweet your tweet, you can expect your reach to grow exponentially.” – Dentistry IQ

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