Sep 16

Social Media for Dentistry and How to Use It – Facebook


Facebook leads the pack when it comes to social media, so let’s discuss that first. If you have a business you need to be on Facebook. With over 1.4 billion monthly active users, it gives your business a free platform to engage and attract new customers. And it is not just about liking or rating your page. People use Facebook to see what people they trust are interested in, often inspiring their friends to try new places or switch services. Facebook users share information so engagement is important. They will like and share your funny, witty or sarcastic posts. They will talk about their experience with your business on their page and tag your business, which is then seen by all of their friends. So make sure you fully set up your page; include a clear profile and cover photo, add the link to your business website, the address, phone number, hours, and please, fill in the “about” section. You can even add a call to action to your cover photo, engaging a potential new client the minute they check out your page.



Here is a valuable example of how a user shared her great experience with her child’s dentist. Three other moms booked with him that week.

Another worthy idea is to hop on trends. This dentist didn’t waste any time letting her patients know she was Pokemon Go Friendly. And she went viral! Use Facebook to encourage patients to come by your dental practice and play, maybe even offer incentives like a free toothbrush if they catch a Poke in your office, take a picture and tag your office.


These little things can draw big attention. Here are more fun tips on how to use the Poke craze to your advantage!


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