Oct 24

Navigating Dental Insurance

Navigating Dental Insurance can be a complex and frustrating topic, especially for the dentist. You may have a designated team member who deals with the patient end of the insurance equation, such as the receptionist. Another team member, such as the bookkeeper, might handle the insurance company end. However, dental insurance is prone to sudden changes, so it’s important for you and your practice to stay on your toes.

Discussing Insurance With Patients

Many patients often don’t maximize their treatment benefits before the end of the year, which means they’ve missed out on the treatment options that might have been covered. Patients are always excited to learn that they may have the opportunity to get more services covered under their plan. Sending out a letter to patients or directly calling them to let them know that they haven’t used all of their benefits can ensure they get those services and really make their day a little brighter. Posting a reminder for patients to check their benefits on your social media and in newsletters is also beneficial. It can bring you some more business and make your clients super happy that they smile is a little healthier!

Discussing Coverage With Insurers

DentistryIQ recommends having a practice administrator and shared a great example of a letter to send out to dental insurance companies every two to three years. Insurance companies need dental offices just as much as dentists need them, so it doesn’t hurt to ask for a few more fees to be covered. They report that Principle, Guardian, Humana, and Cigna were all open to negotiating by increasing the reimbursement by $3 to $5.Not much but those dollars certainly add up.

We’ve Got Your Back

Always feel free to bring any of your questions to us, including questions about how to deal with dental insurance. We know this is a very complex issue, and our goal is to help you and your team become experts at it!

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