Mar 01

Patient Loyalty: Focusing and Inspiring Loyal Patients

Patient LoyaltyPatient loyalty is one if the key aspects in running a successful practice. As a healthcare provider, you want to do your best to make sure your patients are satisfied with the clinical care they receive at your practice. As a business owner, however, it’s important to realize that clinical expertise isn’t enough to keep patients coming back. To foster loyalty among your patients, you and your team will have to go above and beyond!

What Patient Loyalty Means For Your Practice

A loyal patient not only consistently spends money in your practice, but also refers new patients. Those NEW loyal patients then also bring in referrals. It creates endless possibilities for referrals! Over a 10 year period that averages to about 60 loyal patients! Over the course of those 10 years that can guarantee an average of about $371,500.

Here’s How Your Practice Can Inspire Loyalty In Your Patients

Of course there are the monetary ways to inspire loyalty with gifts and prizes. But most importantly is excellent dentistry. Make your patients feel like part of your practice’s family. Send handwritten “Thank you’s”. Listen to their questions and concerns and create a culture of caring. Let your patients know that their well being and concerns matter to you. Be a strong leader and make sure that your entire team treats your patients with the same care and respect.

Be The Practice That Stands Out From The Rest

By following these recommendations consistently, over time you will see your practice go from a dime a dozen to one in a million! When you inspire loyalty among your patients, you not only make them happy, but you cultivate a reputation in your community that helps your practice stand out from the rest. Jamison Consulting is here to help you be that practice! Have any questions about patient loyalty or about this blog post? Leave a comment below!

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