Feb 19

Develop The Right Leadership Skills For Your Practice

THERE’S A KEY DIFFERENCE between managing a team and leading one. Unlike managers, leaders don’t simply ensure tasks are accomplished and everything is moving smoothly-leaders inspire.

As John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.”

Develop The Right Leadership Skills For Your Practice

Good leadership skills translate across all business endeavors, but we want to share with you the skills we think are most pertinent to owning a successful dental practice and the best ways to apply them.

I learn leadership from my clients as much as I coach them and in 2016,  I particularly wish to celebrate the success of these client’s practices:

  • Dr. John Ferullo,  thank you for including me in your practice for 11 years.  Your team and I continue to grow together and I treasure that.
  • Dr. Lindsay Eastman, congratulations on the addition of your daughter and her husband this year.  After working toward your dream and working with a tremendous team, you can be proud of staying focused and working toward your goals.
  • Signature Smiles Dental (Dr. Kim Bent and Dr. Vy Nguyen) I enjoy our relationship and am proud of how well you have implemented my recommendations.  Your team has flourished and you have every right to be proud of your accomplishments as we complete our second year working together.
  • Columbia Periodontal Associates (Drs., Farrar, Ayers, McEntire and Hedgpeth) congratulations on the many decisions you made in our first year working together.  After taking a 20-year break from consulting, I was so impressed on your receptivity to new ideas and your success.
  • PerioCare of the Carolinas (Drs. Eddy, Gadhia and Patel) you have been an inspiration to me as I watched how well your teams take care of your patients and referring dentists.  Thank you for including me in your Thanksgiving luncheon as a celebration of your referring relationships.  You honored them.
  • Dr. Bill Layman, you showed courage and business acumen as you took on ownership of a practice different from your own.  I see great things in your future.
  • Dr. John Kling, after a 5-year break from consulting I am looking forward to working with you and your team.
  • Dr. Patricia Primero, thank you for giving me the opportunity to guide you and your team for over 5 years.  Your friendship has enabled me to grow stronger as a consultant and handling the difficult decisions along the way indicates your resilient courage.

We Can Teach You The Skills For Success

We aim to provide our clients with all of the skills and information you need to grow your thriving practice. If you have questions about what leadership skills could benefit your team or if you have other leadership skills you’ve implemented in your practice, let us know! We love hearing from you.

jamisonconsulting@verizon.net or call Laura directly (813) 251-6401.


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