Dec 06

Choosing The Right Team Leads

No team can function effectively without a good leader, and that means dentists must take great care when selecting their team leads. There are many factors that go into choosing the ideal people for these positions, so we’ve put together a list of the ones we feel are the most important.

Make Sure They’re Fit For The Part

When looking for your ideal candidate there are two qualities that make a person stand out; passion and commitment. those qualities can take a person and a business far! You don’t want someone who’s just looking for a job to pay the bills. Figure out how your position may help fulfill the candidates needs beyond the paycheck.  You may find a candidate with ample qualifications and experience, but if their personality and communication style isn’t aligned with the dynamic of the office, they are probably not the right fit.

Hands-On Coaching

Make sure new employees have paper and a  pen on that first day and ask them to take notes and write down any questions they may have. Go over all regular procedures and practices. Training a new office member is a team effort that should involve the entire dental team, and everyone should be ready and willing to answer any questions for the new hire. Correct a mistake before it is repeated, and then new learning has to take place. A new hire should be trained for 1-2 weeks before being expected to complete procedures on their own.

We Love Helping Our Clients

A key aspect of every thriving business is that each member of the team does their part well, and that’s what makes team leads so invaluable. Choosing the perfect team leads is is an important step on the road to success, and we’re here to help your practice keep its sure footing!

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