Aug 16

Leadership In Dentistry

Leadership is a critical piece of the puzzle in effectively managing a dental practice.  Leaders set the tone and share the vision.  Team members respond most to being part of your vision, especially when you are transforming lives.


I recently participated in the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church in Chicago.  Pastor Bill Hybels was the visionary who began this two-day event 20 years ago.  It was a gracious gift .Our church installed a Dish to allow the team and it’s lay leaders to live-stream this for the two days.  Many of us have seen and heard excellent speakers.  This event was mind blowing.  Here are some of the  world-class speakers who presented one -hour sessions and their subject matter:


Sheryl  Sandberg, COO of Facebook on Resilience

Marcus Lemonis, Star of The Profit, CEO of Camping World on People, Process, Product

Fredrik Haren, Author of The Idea Book on Innovation

Bryan Stevenson, Attorney, Founder of Equal Justice Initiative on Leading through the Uncomffortable.  

Andy Stanley, Pastor of North Point Ministries on being Uniquely Better

Laszlo Bock, Formerly Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations on the importance of Hiring, Growing and Keeping autonomous employees

Juliet Funt, CEO of WhiteSpace at Work on the importance of prioritizing time and creating time for reflection and creativity

Marcus Buckingham, Author of StandOut 2.0, on reinventing Performance Management (Reviews)

Angela Duckworth, Professor at University of Pennsylvania on GRIT; the power of passion and perserverance.

Gary Haugen, CEO of lnternational Justice Mission on Overcoming FEAR.


I’ve taken away so many talking points to incorporate into your practice.  Once you look at the topics, let me know which speaker and or subject matter you would like to know more about by calling me or emailing me.  I am happy to share the key elements that were notable with you in communication that will COST YOU NOTHING!  I am simply excited to share these insights and I know they will help you.  Should you decide you would like me to come into your office and teach your team what I’ve learned, we can discuss that as well.




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